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Dive into a world of colors with our exclusive preset bundle! Get all five of our distinctive and vibrant preset packs at once: Maldives Glow, Dopamine, Color Realness, Caramel Cookie, and Jungle. Each preset has been thoughtfully crafted to offer unique color schemes and atmospheres for different moods, occasions, and lighting conditions.

Whether you're capturing the azure depths of the Maldivian ocean, embracing your happy moments with Dopamine, maintaining a colorful consistency with Color Realness, dipping your photos in the warm hues of Caramel Cookie, or exploring the rich greens of the Jungle, this preset bundle is your one-stop solution for creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing portfolio.

The bundle contains a total of 24 unique filters, each designed to cater to various lighting scenarios and aesthetic requirements. And, each preset pack is compatible with both mobile and desktop versions.


Avail all this at a bundled price of 99,99€, which is a massive saving from the total individual price of 154,95€. Don't miss out on this amazing deal to elevate your photography to the next level and create the stunning images you've always dreamed of!


After your payment another window will open in which you can download the file directly to your PC or smartphone. You will also receive a downloadlink on the same Email address as your paypal email in order to download the preset.




All preset packs consist of 2 folders. One folder for desktop and one folder for mobile. For installation on mobile, make sure to download the free apps „Unzip“ and „Lightroom“ before. 

When you downloaded the preset pack you’ll find a zip file with a detailed installation guide for both mobile and desktop.

When you’re just using your smartphone: Download the preset pack via the download link to your phone and use the Unzip app to unzip the zip file. You’ll find further instructions in the mobile folder. 


154,95 € Regular Price
120,00 €Sale Price
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